Double Grip Pin Terminal TPE Insulated  


TriCab Double Grip terminals are designed for our flexible cables. Two copper sleeves secure our fine stranded conductor and ensure a consistent, reliable crimping termination.
Colour indicates size range:
Red: 0.5 to 1.5 mm²
Blue: 1.5 to 2.5 mm²
Yellow: 4 to 6 mm²


  • Double grip crimp - more secure connection.
  • Injection moulded directly onto a seamless copper barrel - significantly more robust and reliable than cold pressed.
  • Laser cut barrel - consistent smooth edge, faster, easier assembly.
  • Thermal heat ageing for insulation.
  • A moulded taper guides the fine stranded conductor - makes installation efficient and reliable.


  • Insulation - Thermoplastic Elastomer.
  • Barrel - High Conductivity copper (99.9% purity). Electrolytic tin-plated.

Operating Temperature

  • -40°C to 130°C
  • -40°F to 266°F

Voltage Rating

  • 600V


  • AS/NZS 61210, AS/NZS 4437, IEC 61210, IEC 60352-2, IEC 60512

Inspection and Testing

  • Visual Inspection
  • Physical measurement
  • Conductor and cable fit
  • Thermal heat ageing test of insulation
  • Current loading test to AS/NZS4437 and IEC60512
  • Voltage proof to AS/NZS 4437 and IEC 60512
  • Mechanical pulling test to AS/NZS 4437 and IEC 60512
  • Insulating grip effectiveness to AS/NZS 4437 and IEC 60512
A29 Dimensions

** There is a +5% tolerance to the NOMINAL values due to manufacturing process variations. TriCab is not liable for any errors, omissions, etc., and reserves the right to modify specifications at any time.